Ensure project timetable remains on schedule with expediting services

There are companies that work 24/7, many work on international projects other than national ones.  Companies that rely on projects for its successful work, needs to opt for certain professional services, which will help the company complete the projects on time, keep the customer satisfied and happy and at the same time finish the project in the most economical manner.  A company can get all of these things if it hires expediting service from Abacus Quality System Services.  We are the company who offer different professional services including expediting services to our customers.

Let us see few advantages of expediting service

  1. Our expediter analyzes the critical path of the project with his knowledge, skill and experience.
  2. The inventory in stock is always checked by the expediter for the project.
  3. He keeps in touch with all the departments that are involved in the project.
  4. Any kind of negligence or error is highlighted immediately and appropriate solutions are provided.
  5. The projects are worked on in the most cost effective manner, yet the quality is not compromised.
  6. In the expediting service the expediter completes the testing, packing, shipment and delivery details personally.
  7. Due to this service the clients are always satisfied and happy;this gets the organization more number of projects in the future.

If you want to complete all the projects on time, have quality intact and also spend less on the project then it is wise to use the professional service.  The expediters are trained, skilled and experienced and will complete the job on time, with precision and quality.  This will only satisfy the clients and they would want to associate with your organization for future projects.

Benefits of safety training in workplace

Training employees in health and safety matters in the workplace seemed as time consuming, costly, interruption in operations and business activities. The management usually used to avoid any kind of safety training services at the work place. But, things have changed now, both the customers, clients and employees look out for companies who are safe to work in. This is the reason why health and safety training have become vital for every organization. This activity will definitely cost the organization, but it has its own benefits which becomes a long term investment for the company.

Let’s see few benefits of safety training

  1. Reduced insurance premiums: When you have managers who are trained in safety training, it will reduce your insurance premiums, because you are less likely to make any insurance claims.  The actions taken to reduce accidents or injury means you will claim the insurance very less.
  2. Enhanced reputation: When the organization has this service, the reputation of the business automatically increases. If the employees family knows that the management is taking care of the workers well and they are safe in the premises then automatically the organization becomes well-known through word of mouth.
  3. Increased productivity: The workers go to work without taking leave or being absent. This ensures that the productivity increases.
  4. Reduce attrition: This is one of the reasons why employees and workers would not leave the job as they are sure to get all the benefits and stay safe at the work place.

Abacus Quality Training Services is the company which provides several professional training courses and safety training is one among them. Let us do the training for you and our experienced trainers would do a perfect job and you will be self-sufficient in handling any mishaps or accidents.

Start your professional career as an auditor with ISO 9001 lead auditor course

There are individuals who want to become auditor and want to know the details and intricacies of this job.  The person with ISO 9001 lead auditor course certification gives a whole new look to quality in the company. The job as an auditor is extremely challenging as the organization depends on the person to check the process and work and also give them solution for any kind of mistakes or errors made by the employee while working.  An auditor is the person who ensures that quality prevails in the company and all the services and products delivered by the company has quality in it.  It is because of the audit checking that the company is able to maintain quality aspect in the organization.

Let us see what are the benefits of having an auditor who has done the ISO 9001 lead auditor course in the organization.

  1. Audit check helps the organization to work towards quality and churn out quality products and services always.
  2. The lead auditor course helps the individual to learn about quality and other intricacies involved in maintaining it throughout the work life.
  3. The ISO 9001 lead auditor course is one of the most popular courses which brings a positive difference to the person who has done the course.
  4. Companies scout for people who have this certification to work in their organization.
  5. Give the best professional gift to yourself by doing this particular course.

If you have always wanted to become an auditor and work as an auditor then ISO 9001 lead auditor course is the program for you.  This will help you learn everything about auditing and it covers all the important points in the training.  Get yourself a new high and give yourself the best professional career by doing this course.

Get best materials from your suppliers by using supplier audit

Each company has its own suppliers who supply raw materials and other  parts& components to the company.  It is vital that these materials are best in quality and meet all standards.  For this very reason, the company should have necessary check in place, if they are getting the goods from second party.  This is where supplier audits come into picture.  There are many companies who offer professional services, abacus quality system services is the company which offers variety of professional services and one among them is the audit service.  Our auditors will do perfect job for you.

Let us see few advantages of supplier audits

  • The management can keep a vigil on the suppliers and see that they supply the best products to the company.
  • Customers and clients can be rest assured that the products sold to them are best in quality and will last long.
  • There will not be any chance of accidents or mishaps after the manufacturing or production process.
  • All the damaged goods will be returned in the first step, they will not be allowed to enter the company’s warehouse.
  • All suppliers will be alert before sending any product to the company.
  • Quality and safety will become the second nature of the company once supplier audits become a routine.

Supplier audits are one of the salient professional services of AQSS-USA, it will help the company have a good name and give the customers and clients the confidence that all products sold by the company are best without any damage.  Get the audits done by our experienced and skilled auditors who will check the materials for quality and safety, after which approval will be given.  The management will be kept informed regarding the kind of products supplied by the third party.  All this makes the business have a smooth run in the competitive market.