Check the materials quality with Supplier Audits

There are different raw materials used by variety of businesses, these materials should be checked for their quality and long lasting quality.  One cannot blindly trust the materials sent by the suppliers, this is where Supplier Audits come into picture.  This audit is done by auditors who are well versed in auditing the materials sent by the supplier.  These are usually used by companies who are completely into construction, manufacturing and production of items that will need different materials from the suppliers.  These audits ensure that the products supplied are of high quality, which will give happy customers and clients to the business.

Advantages of supplier audits

  • This audit builds confidence among the clients.
  • The management is sure to get high quality materials from the supplier
  • The suppliers are always alert when providing raw materials to companies who have supplier audit in place.
  • There is no mistake when it comes to selecting of materials.
  • The auditor selects all the required material and checks on quality, rejects the damaged materials.
  • The finished products are always best.
  • Because of this audit the products are long lasting.
  • A detailed report is made by the auditor and submitted to the management regarding the material supplied by the suppliers.

Get this service from Abacus Quality System Services and our auditors will come to the site to check on all the materials supplied.  You are sure to get the best materials from the supplier because of this audit process.  To know more about the audit, please do call us or visit us physically or online.

Quality output assured with third party inspection!

Quality checks play a vital role in any kind of business.  If there is quality, the company is sure of getting loyal customers and more new clients.  Many businesses are dependent on suppliers for various activities.  This is the reason why third party inspection has become popular.  There are many companies that provide this service.  It is best to use this service, so that the vendor can be sure of getting quality, up to the mark and standard finished goods for its customers.  This builds in confidence among both clients and customers.

Below are some of the advantages of third party inspection

  • The inspector does the inspection and checks on all the activities done by the third party.
  • Witness inspection can be used, in this the inspector visits the site and checks the manufacturing and production processes.
  • A detailed report is made for the company to know about the quality standard of the suppliers.
  • Any changes can be made immediately because of the inspection process.
  • The company is sure of getting the best quality output after the third party inspection.

Witness inspection is important, it creates a good balance, the suppliers do their job perfectly, customers and clients have confidence in the company’s product and more new business orders can be expected.  The company thrives in the competitive market with ease and confidence because of witness inspection.

Abacus Quality System Services is the company that offers this service, if you want to know more about this service then do give us a call or visit us.  We will be more than happy to help you.