Get the best for your business with supplier audits

We have heard a lot about audit. This term sounds extremely important, crucial and essential in any kind of work. Audits are done to ensure that the work done by the employees or an organization is completely perfect without any errors anywhere. Audits are done by experienced individuals who are well trained in doing auditing without any friendly or bias feeling towards the company who is getting the audit done or towards the supplier whose audit is done for the company who is getting the goods from the supplier. Auditing is a crucial work and it should be done with precision and should be accurate.

Let us look at some of the benefits of supplier audits

  • The supplier become agile and alert while sending the goods to the manufacturing company.
  • Construction companies depend a lot on suppliers for raw materials and due to the audit the supplier sends genuine and best quality material for construction.
  • Customers and clients have confidence in the company due to supplier audits.
  • There is a long term relation between the company and the supplier due to these audits.
  • Quality of the products cannot be questioned at all because the audit removes any kind of damaged material from the list.
  • The management can be confident of the products that are sent by the suppliers.
  • The company will have an edge over the competitors due to the supplier audits.
  • Over all the business will perform well when the foundation material is of best quality, so the finished good is going to be of supreme quality due to audits.

Abacus quality system services offers supplier audits and the auditors are well experienced and trained in there respected field. The audits will be done perfectly; the management will get a detailed report of the audit done.

Choose the best training course from the best training company

Training is important in any kind of organization.  It lays down strong foundation and helps the candidate tackle any kind of situation at the work place.  Training gives in depth knowledge and experience in the required field and help the management get the best candidate.  Getting trained in a professional course helps the individual grab the best opportunity in best companies.  But, one should take care in selecting the course and the company from where they are going to get trained.  Abacus Quality Training Services is the company which provides best professional training courses to both individual and companies.

  1. Choose from various courses that are available with Abacus Quality Training Services.
  2. Our trainers are experienced and skilled, they know who to impart and share the knowledge with the candidate.
  3. Our professional training courses are available in two segments classroom and online training.
  4. We know that mere classroom training is not enough, so we also include practical training which would give practical experience to the individual.
  5. Take our professional training courses and build a bright future and career.

Abacus Quality Training Services has the best professional training courses for both individuals and companies.  Come to us and let us know what you exactly need, in what field you want to improve or learn a new skill.  We will assist you with the best course that would fit your career needs.  Our courses can be customized as per the organizations need as well.  Do not think much come to AQTS, get trained, get the right job and brighten your career prospects.

Technical expertise is a requirement in any profession

There are different requirements for different businesses; Technical Services is one of the common types of service businesses need. Technical knowledge is required to check certain processes and specific issues for which the company may not have Organizations can get technical service from Abacus Quality System Services. We provide various kinds of technical and professional services to our clients and customers. To have a person who has good technical knowledge of the subject is a boon for the business and organization.

How can you use technical services of AQSS to make business grow?

  1. Our technical experts have the knowledge of the subject and issues which you may haveand can do the required project with due diligence and responsibility.
  2. Professional evaluation will be done in areas of our expertise.
  3. Technical experts from AQSS can also go to the vendors site to check and verify the items used in the production process.
  4. We can also do vendor assessments, qualifications and audits for you.
  5. If you are into welding business then use our technical expertise for weld procedures and welder qualifications.


AQSS believes in making the businesses successful by providing excellent professional services. Come to us and use our professional and technical services and see the difference that it brings to your organization and business as a whole. We are here to provide you the best, and in turn you provide the best to your customers.

Technicalities are crucial for companies

Being professional as well as good with technicalities is vital in any kind of business.  Organizations work with many technicalities and one should be proficient in technical subject, it makes it easy for the business to work smoothly and provide what the customer needs with ease and perfection. Abacus Quality System Services provides technical services to its clients. Please is rest assured that the company’s technicalities are well taken care off by AQSS technical experts. We have experts who can do both professional and technical services at the same time and the business can get guidance in both with one expert.

What are the works done by our technical experts?

  • Our engineers and technical inspectors provide specialized services; if any item or process needs to be checked or verified inspected at the vendor’s site this is done by the inspectors with ease.
  • Evaluation & assessment of problem in production process.
  • Value Stream mapping of the production process.
  • Corrosion assessment in the plant and lines.
  • NDE & welders certification.

Let your business be talked about for both professional as well as technical proficiency. AQSS is here to help your business grow and become a success. We provide the best professional and technical service to our clients and customers. Get the best from us and give the best to your customers.

Training course and practical experience goes hand in hand

Training gives lot of confidence to employees and organization. It is always best to get trained in the subject or area or field that one is going to work in. Training is an in depth process of acquiring knowledge in a desired subject the employees understand the process intricacies and they know how crucial is the process, The training and knowledge starts with the personnel involved in all the processes and activities of the company for their functions.

Training is needed for both in class and practical. Abacus Quality Training Services is the company which gives training courses to organizations and companies. One of the popular courses with AQTS is ISO 9001 internal audit course. This is one of the most wanted courses that candidates want to pursue. AQTS has trained auditors who go on to become experienced and professional auditors.

Internal audit is a very common but important activity in any company. This audit ensures that all the processes are worked on following proper rules and regulations and there is no short cut taken or deviation from the defined process by the employee. ISO 9001 internal audit course helps candidates understand completely about internal audit and gives him or her in depth knowledge about auditing and its essential requirements and benefits.

AQTS-USA is the training organization and we have lots of different courses which might interest both individuals and organizations. The information being offered by us can be seen on our website at

Auditing is the key to error free work!

Internal Audits is important activity in an organization to check of the processes and system of the company and identify if there are gaps or opportunities in the system. To get real value from internal audits these audits should be done by qualified personnel.

Abacus Quality Training Services (AQTS) provides courses in various fields including quality management system (ISO 9001). There are many other courses also available for individuals to do and brighten their career path. AQTS provides these courses which can be taken up by people who are career oriented and want to achieve the right kind of growth and develop within a short span within a company.

ISO 9001 internal auditor course is a detailed course which teaches in depth regarding auditing, its process, significance and other details to the future auditor. It makes the person strong with theoretical and practical knowledge as well. It is important for the auditor to understand the kind of work that he or she needs to do and they have to put in the right kind of efforts to bring out correct result. ISO 9001 internal auditor training by AQTS-USA will help the employees to do effective and value added Internal auditing.

ISO 9001 is the course which is extremely important for all organizations, as auditing is done in every organization and regular internal audits ensure that there are no errors and the work is done in an environment which does not encourage any kind of errors and any negligence will be addressed and if repeated will be taken into task. The auditors also come up with solutions to avoid the errors again in the future and keep a benchmark that needs to be met by every employee in the organization.

Expedite the project completion process

There are many businesses who primarily work on different projects. Organizations and companies bid for projects to work for certain companies and complete their project, which would give the business more experience and name. Every project has a timeline that needs to be followed and it should be completed on time. Abacus quality system services provide different professional services, and one of the services is expediting service. AQSS takes over the responsibility and takes care of the project/assignment from beginning to end because our aim is to make your business a success.

AQSS has expeditors who are experienced, skilled and well trained. They know how to finish the project on time. Every department which is connected with the project is updated from time to time basis with constant follow-up, and third party supplier is checked appropriately for any parts and assemblies sent by them. Last but not the least cost effective method is used to complete the project. AQSS understands the importance of projects and ensures finishing the project on time for our clients and customers. Get the best from us and give the best to your customers.

Expediting the project is important to get more new projects, build faith in the clients and customers that the project will be finished on time and no wastage of money will be there as all the work would be done in the most cost effective manner. AQSS Inc. is there to help in expediting service and ensuring that the project completes on time and the clients are satisfied with the positive output.